Sunday, August 8, 2010

No Meat and 3 or The Return of Bambi

My absolute favorite dinner is a fresh vegetable plate with good cornbread. I really don't require any meat main dish if I have got great sweet corn and fresh tomatoes. When not available at home I am always on the lookout for that Mom and Pop cafe that offers a meat and 3 menu. You know, pick your meat and 3 veggies served with cornbread and sweet tea.

This should be available at my house but I can't seem to get that garden going for a ready supply of fresh veggies. Of course, I am surrounded with farmers markets and roadside stands with other folks' produce, but I want my own. Just as I was thinking that we had scared away the raccoons sufficiently that my small garden would begin to produce, just look who is back!

That's right, I woke up one morning and who is standing in my yard? Bambi's mom. And just exactly who does she have with her? That young stud, Bambi, of course? I suppose she is explaining to Bambi exactly why it is, that even though the forest is full of lush vegetation, the real treats are behind that low, chicken wire fence....That's right, you can lean right over and nibble to your heart's content!

Can Thumper and Flower be far behind?


  1. Great pictures- and lucky you to have raccoons and deer around your house. Yes, lucky you! I know you want vegetables, but the animals are so nice, too!

  2. Mom is really watching you!! Lucky you to see the deer...

  3. Sweet scene! The mama looks like she's about to dance in the first photo, with her leg positioned so gracefully.