Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Emergency Recipes for the Harried Homemaker

When I got married, many long years ago, I along with other young women in the South spent a great deal of time and thought selecting our china and silver patterns. There was the good china as well as the everyday china to be considered along with the crystal, flatware and appropriate linens to be coordinated. I remember thinking that I would be giving elaborate dinner parties and entertaining in a fashion akin to Scarlett. Truthfully, I have entertained at my share of bridal showers, church circle meetings, bridge parties and a few elaborate receptions. But these aren't real life... at least not the everyday real life events that make up the majority of our lives. And there are special occassions that require special recipes. Those are nice to have. But most of us are just trying to get something on the table.

Everyone needs a couple of quick recipes and if your Mom or Grandmother hasn't shared these with you, then let me help. Here is a quick fruit cobbler recipe that I used many times as a new bride in the 60's

Quick Fruit Cobbler - 350*
1 stick butter or margarine - melt in 2 qt. oven-proof casserole dish in oven
2 C. fruit - heat with about 1/2 c. sugar in a sauce pan
1 C. self-rising flour, 1 C. sugar, 1 C. milk - mix all together to make batter

Now, pour the batter into the hot melted butter in the casserole dish
Next pour in the hot fruit, don't mix it all together, just dump it in.
Bake at about 350-400 degrees until lightly browned
Serve with some vanilla ice cream or Cool Whip

Here is the thing about a recipe like this. Proportions and temperature don't matter too much. These days I usually reduce the butter to a half stick, doesn't matter. Any fruit works and combining an apple that is past it's prime with the few blackberries the kids were able to pick, works great. Once I sliced up a green tomato into a cobbler to see what would happen and my family never knew it. They thought it was an apple pie.

Relax, don't worry. What is important is having a meal with your family!